How was Riverdale

Wanting to get feedback from anyone who went to Riverdale today...How was the track and the weather??? heading out for some golf now and wanted to get this posted so I can check back sometime this evening...


it was fun, with a few wet spots but nothing real bad. you should be good for tomorrow if it doesnt rain hard.

Are there other areas to ride there, I want to try it out but I will be bringing along a noob tomorrow and I need to go somewhere he can ride also, trying to decide between Riverdale or longview...

went there today it was better than when I was there 2 weeks ago. Had one good session where the track was just a bit froze still and not too muddy but after that it really thawed out and got a bit slick in a few spots but was still very ridable :lol:

but longview might be better for a noob they have trails all around there and i haven't went since they re did the sand track but its usually pretty tame compared to riverdale(but it's also like 1/4 the size)

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