New '07 Wr450f Blowing Fuses!

I Picked Up My New 2007 Wr450f Yesterday, And Took Out The Throttle Stop. To Get To It, I Had To Unplug All Of The Wires Going To The Battery. Now, It Keeps Blowing Fuses. Any Ideas? Has This Happened To Anyone In Previous Years?

P.s. The Bike Looks Awesome!!

Me too. I just got me yesterday, pulled the throttle stop after two hours of pulling the subframe to even see the carb. I thought I pinched a wire that was making the fuse blow. Called the dealer and he is looking into it. He thinks it has something to do with the smog stuff nowing the throttle stop is off. I'll post more when I find out the solution.

First, why does anyone remove the subframe to get to the carb when all you have to do is swing it upward. Second, he is full of bull if he thinks it has something to do with the smog crap or throttle stop. That allone would make me take it to someone else.

Thats funny, your both from Washington. Maybe thats the connection. lol

The answer to this question is:

You have the connectors wrong behind the number plate for the CDI.

Look closely at the colours of the connectors and you will see you have the clear one plugged into then white one and vice versa.

I learned this 1 from experience! :ride:

I agree that you should disconnect your battery and remove it from the bike when removing the subframe, but just swing the subframe up and tie it to the handel bars that way you dont have to pull all the wiring apart when trying to get to the throttle stop. As for a throttle stop sensor what bull, does this guy know what he's talking about ? Check all the connections properly and make sure the wiring is not shorting against the frame etc.

Good luck


:ride: :ride: :ride:

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