any amsoil users

Which oil are you using? 20w-50 v-twin or the 10w-40

I use amsoil 10-40 in my WR, never use 20-50 in a non roller bearing engine. The 20-50 is designed especially for Harley-Davidson powerplants. The oil needs to have some added friction so that the races do not spin on the carrier or so that the roller bearings do not stall and create a flat spot on the surface of the bearing. by the way, the reason for not using yamalube in my WR is because my local Yamaha dealer never has yamalube in stock. I do however use 20-50 weight Mobile 1 V-Twin oil in both my buells.



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I use mobil 1 15/50 in my 98wr400 works grate. It's the best thing going , a the big thumper makes a lot of heat and needs somthing that can take it and not cook away . It also seams to be the oil that's used in most big thumpers . I use mobil 1 in a 88 gold wing to , i have over a hundred thousand on it with that stuff .

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