Silver Seal Temp Fix?

Went out to Cal City the last couple of days. On the first ride of the day yesterday, my son did a "double front flip from the flying W position with a half twist to a face plant landing". Those of us following him gave him a 7.5 for style points, an 8.9 for creativity, and a 6.5 for technique. Not very impressive scores for a high speed get off. Fortunately, he was not hurt. The bike is another story. In spite of the Works Connection radiator braces, he managed to dork up the r/h radiator. We were close enough to camp that he rode back before the overflow tank went dry, but that got me to thinking...what if we were out in the middle of BF nowhere?

Back in the 4x4 days, I used to carry a product called "Silver Seal" to put in my radiator should it get damaged. Had to use it a couple of times, and it worked well as a temp fix to get back to civilization. Does anyone have any experience using this stuff on bikes? Will if gum up the waterpump or do any other nasties, or is it safe to use as a temp repair? It might be a good thing to throw in the backpack for emergencies...

i have the 5 min jb weld in my fanny pac. i have had to use it 1 time on a friends bike. worked great! also i messed up a rad back in nov. sent it to mylers in utah. they did a real fine job for 50.00. i wouldnt use the silver stuff it could clog your rad.

I have seen it used on cars many times It may get you home but it makes a big mess inside the engine plugging radiator passages and making a real mess in the water pump. You will get to spend lots of happy service time with your scooter. Of course a severe overheat is an expensive episode.

I too saw the quick dry JB weld in the store recentlly I think you would have better control on your repair (radiators and cases) in the field with epoxy.

The silver-seal and also Aluma-seal would fix fine cracks and small fractures in the radiators better than Epoxy.

My 2 cents Aluma-seal for fine cracks and quick JB welb for bigger cracks and holes.:lol:

silver seal is bad for anykind of water pump....but then again its better than a thirty mile hike in ridding automotive sized tube would be enough to fix a bike three times

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