Ok, I did a search for pilot screw (not pilot jet) before asking this, but I just want to be sure. My '04 450 has set awhile and is running like crap, so I'm in the process of cleaning all the jets. I took out the pilot screw without first turning it IN to see how many turns OUT it was set at. The manual says to do this first and then gives 1 and 3/4 turns out as an EXAMPLE. Is this fairly accurate or is it just an example? Also is the pilot screw the same as the fuel screw mentioned in the posts when I did the search for "pilot screw"? The free mods have been done but the bike is completely stock otherwise.

Hi, just thought I'd give ya a hand. Your Air/fuel mixture screw is on the bottom of your carb and outside of carb and is the one that you adjust according to your specs 1 3/4 turn out from its fully, but lightly seated position. This is the one you can fine tune after you have all the other jets in place. I am assuming you have all stock stuff. If not do a search for INDY and his performance mods under carb jetting.

Your pilot jet is inside next to main jet. They are fully seated in their threads and are not adjustable. You can, however, change the size of those jets for added performance.

P.S. Dont forget to check your float and needle and the springs in there. Assuming it is not trashed in there and the bike hasnt been abused. I would think a few squirts of carb cleaner and a small brush should fix your problem.

Check out this web page for more info on what and how in your carberator.


Thanks, Jason

Thanks. After some more searching on this site I'm pretty confident that the piolot screw IS the same as what most refer to as the fuel screw and some replace w/ aftermarket one's such as zip-ty. I also found out that my '04 model doesn't have a plug that needs to be removed to gain access to the screw, athough once the carb is in place it seems that gaining access to the hole much less getting a screwdriver in there would be very difficult! I pulled and cleaned ALL the jets... main jet, needle jet, pilot jet, starter jet, pilot air jet, and the leak jet. I buttoned it all up last night but it was getting late and cold so I just need to go put the carb back in place, cross my fingers and fire it up. Like I said the bike is stock and these are the jets that are in it... main jet #165, pilot jet #45, starter jet #65.

HOLY S%$*T!!!!!! Got it all back together and fired her up. I can't believe how good its running now! Starts right up cold w/ choke. Starts right up warm without choke. Actually IDLES now! I can let it idle down until its ready to stall in 1st and whack open the throttle without the clutch and it doesn't hesitate and pulls a nice wheelie! Friends are jealous of the E start, but there have been times we've stopped out on the trail and when we go to take off they kick their bikes over and my starter's just spinning, so I end up kicking it over anyway. Now the starter actually STARTS it! I honestly don't know what it was because all of the jets looked fine, but I cleaned them all out anyway. I did end up just putting the pilot screw at 1 and 3/4. Must work! One thing I think I did discover is that the way I had the vent tubes routed when I was doing supermoto wasn't allowing fuel to drain out of the bottom of the bowl. Anyone who says their WR isn't starting right, idling right, sounds like crap popping and backfiring should definitely clean the jets first!

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