Steering Damper Questions

OK, I got a new Scott's steering damper for Christmas. I've never had one before, so I was wondering what people usually set the clickers to. Is there a preferred method for testing the effects? I knwo I'll just have to play with it like everyone else, I'm just curious what other people have thiers set to.

The instructions indicate that 8 clicks out from the hardest setting is a good place to start. I did that and it seemed to work now I run about 9 to 10 clicks depending on the terrain. As for the high speed screw I did a search on TT and most people leave it at the factory setting. I think the instructions recommend this also so I have left it alone.

I asked Indy this question a while back, he has logged lots of miles running a Scott’s and installed them on several bikes and here is the reply I received.

I leave my sweep at 34 degrees at all times. I think the factory position is 44 degrees. I think the Factory setting is 8 turns out for low speed main valve. I think the Factory setting is 8 - quarter turns out on the high speed circuit

In deep sand I will turn up the slow speed way up to to 12 clicks and turn down the high speed to 6 - quarter turns. Keeps the front end from knifing under.

In roots and rocks at low speeds I run the low speed at 4 clicks and high speed at 10 or 12 quarter turns out. Takes big hits on the bark busters but wont wear you out in tight stuff.

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