GYTR™ Quiet Slip-On Muffler

Has anybody heard of this muffler or have one?

what about just the gytr exhaust?

ive heard of it, but i dont have one... the GYTR stuff is usually pretty good...(its designed by yamaha for yamaha, but the yamaha factory team uses the white bros carbon pro...) take that as you will

I had the GYTR stuff on my WR, with and without the quiet insert. It was great stuff. If it would have fit on my new bike I would have kept it. :ride:

I run the gyt-r aluminum on my 03 yz450. It has great performance, but is seriously loud. I bought the quiet endcap and the difference is almost zero. so...awesome muffler, but if you ride anywhere noise is an issue watch out.

Ive got the GYTR full system on my 07, and its quieter then my buddies stock '06

I like the pipe a lot , good power curve:applause:

I have one on my WR450 and it seems ok although I never ride that thing anymore since I got my YZ450. I just ordered a MRD full system for my YZ which is the best bang for your buck. Full stainless, header custom made after talking to Dave over the phone, lifetime warranty even if you take a sledge hammer to it, removable Q core and sparky, blue anodized cap all for $379 with shipping included.

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