Out of clutch cable adjustment. 650R

I started a new thread because my last response to the clutch mods thread was really long.

Anyways, I added the steel plate to the clutch, and had to tighten up the cable quite a bit to compensate. Now I have no adjustment left on the engine case, and around 50% used up on the clutch perch.

Is there any way to easily pop out the clutch lever on the case, and move it one spline? That would give me most of my adjustment space back on the cable.

Cool. I read your novel. Glad you got it in right. Mine was the same way. Clutch needed to be adjusted almost all the way out at the engine, and then some more at the lever.

There are no splines on the clutch arm. It's just a shaft with a slot in it. I tried setting it back too thinking it had splines until I pulled it all the way out and saw why I couldn't. There is a picture in the manual or on the online micro fiche at Rockwall Honda if you want to see what I'm talking about. I pulled my clutch apart when I first did it, just to see if I could figure something out. You need to pull the clutch rod out after you remove the pressure plate and the arm will just pull right up. It doesn't look like there is any way to modify it. Oh well, it still works good.:lol:

I did that mod.:lol: ..and did not reposition the clutch arm...

I made the adjustments at the engine bracket and clutch lever...

And I have had no problems......:confused:


How much play did you guys leave at the lever?

Is the XR600R the same as the XR650R ?( clutch assy)

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