fuel screw problem

I have been having a problem with the pilot screw on my 06 yz 450 it keeps backing out i get it set where it stops poping and farting . ride it for a while and then it seems to back right out . any suggestions would be helpful.

Most of the fuel screws back out because of lack of spring tension.

I have a Zip-Ty fuel screw, and after reading post's on here, I simply stretched the spring that goes along with the fuel screw. Just take the spring out, and get a pair of needle nose or pliers. Measure the length of the spring, than stretch the spring about 10 % or slightly more. It now will keep more tension, and mine has never rotated back out. ride on.....

If you are turning the fuel screw out more than 2.5 time the screw can loosen up. If you haven't change the pilot jet, it might be time to change the jetting. Stock pilot jet is to small on the 06 450. Stock is a 43 you will want to change to a 45 or 48 depending on what your elevation is. Check YZF jetting discussions.

have you had it apart?

may be you have lost the spring, washer or even the o ring ?

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