gps externa; power on xr650r

I want to mount a Garmin GPSMAP 276c on my brp

I fitted a bridge rectifier on and get anywhere from 9 to 20 volts outpot depending on whether the lights are on or off - I suspect the power is far from clean.

The only thread I could find suggested a product form TourTech but said it was of limited output (150ma) and would not power a colour unit.

Any suggestions?

Happy New Year!

I do a fair amount of work with Garmin and many of thier car adaptors are pretty tolerant with respect to voltage input. They've also got really good customer support- mebbe write them and let them know what you're trying to do, ask 'em for some input.



Metisse that is the same GPS as i'm planning on using so let us know won't ya.

I'm a few months away from buying one (Xmas $$$) but that's the one for me.

Thanks Porterdog, for your common sense! - have emailed Garmin and touratech - will post if they have any answers - still hoping someone has a simple little circuit for a power cleaning and regulating device that I could build or buy

You need the external power cord, and a pin call-out to know which wires go where...Are you sure the DC output is clean enought to run the GPS unit?

Loufish - I have the power cord, and know the pin outs, and am sure the output is not clean - that is why I would like to hear of someone's success.

found a circuit at - absent any other advice, and when I get the correct voltage and amp draw from Garmin, I will try it - problem is the bike is in a trailer, on its way to Cabo for a ride up to San Diego - so there can be no testing - its all or nothing!

Between Baja Designs, Cycoactive, and Touratech you should find the answers and gizmos needed to make it work.

A simple solution is just to mount a small sealed 12v battery behind the number plate. Replace the factory regulator (under the seat) with a regulator-rectifier and branch leads off the headlight feed to charge the battery. Then take leads off the battery to the gps.

The battery ang reg-rect will smooth the voltage out real nice. One source for the battery is (not ".com"). Their part no. UB1213 is a good (small) size and is only $30. They also sell the regulator-rectifier cheap but I cannot remember the part number.

I use this setup on my DS'd R, works great and is a cheap, non-techno source for clean 12v power.

The upside of using a Garmin is they are pretty tolerant of voltage (as long as it is not too spikey). Something like 7v to 19v, at least that's the spec for my Garmin GPS-V. The battery will take care of the spikes.

Ride safe.

here's my 276C on XR628 using EE bar mounts on a BRP submount.



Rm - thanks for the picture - I am only using a Ram mount - hope it is good enough - it certainly worked OK on my Magellan, which was a bit lighter.

Internal - just what I needed! someone who has bin there dun dat.

While I still hope to run the unit with no battery involved, I ordered the battery and reg/rectifier from procycle today - I will make up a harness so I can duct tape the battery somewhere for the ride - will even take enough wire to run back to my back rack ( if needed.

Thanks all.

Hey Internal and porterdog - back from a great ride in Baja - the procycle battery and regulator with yards of duct tape did the trick - the 276 worked fine and the battery stayed charged - when I get the brp back in a couple of weeks I will try to tidy up the installation - and now I know what works, continue to try and eliminate the battery

Thanks for your input guys

cool- thanks for the followup! So basically you're mostly AC with just a little DC? Very interesting....

Glad things worked out for you Metisse. Sounds like a fun ride.

It is currently 6 degrees F outside and its been like that for 3 weeks now. I am so freaking hurting to go ride I actually polished my helmet this weekend just to be able to touch something associated with riding.

Ride safe.

Maybe a simple solution is to get a 12 volt regulator from radio shack. simple to build or just wire in directly inline. gives good regulation and is good for up to 1 1/2 amps of current. Accepts a wide range of input voltage and does a decent job of keeping a constant voltage. problaly around 4 or 5 dollars. Mount it on a small printer circuit board in a small box both available at radio shack.

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