street legal wr450??

my friend wants to no if he can make his 06 wr450 street legal by adding a horn and some DOT legal tires, he lives in las vegas and i no u dont need turn signals and the DB limit is 96 or 98 limit cant remeber totally

Take a look at page 4 of the NV DMV Motorcycle Operators Manual


In Nevada, motorcycles need to be equipped with the following:

Headlights - at least one, and no more than two.

Taillight - must be a red taillight that can be seen for 500 feet.

Stoplight or brake light - this must be visible for 300 feet when the brakes

are used.

Brakes - must have front and rear brakes

Electric turn signals - front and rear signals are required for all motorcycles

manufactured after January 1, 1973.

Reflector - at least one red reflector on the rear of the motorcycle.

Rearview mirrors - one rearview mirror on each handlebar.

Fender - required for front and back wheels.

Footrests - adjustable to fit passengers.




Do they inspect?

In Vegas? I'd say it's a pretty fair bet that they do. In Boogerglob? Probably not, but who knows?...SC

Yes you need turn signals and horn mirrors, etc. Just pic up a manual and it will tell you all that you need. Baja designs, trick dual sport and such give you everything you need.

I know in BC You need the lights to pass the inspection but after you have it resgistered you can get rid of them.... I no longer run signals cuase they alwasy break off!

Where is Boogerglob?

there are also lots of threads on this, just search for Dual Sport

Where is Boogerglob?

Near Yerington!!

How I modded my bike to make it street legal.

-High/Low beam switch and new bulb.

-Brake light-Hose goes to pedal.

-4 carbon fiber turn signals that go on a street fighter with a 3 way toggle switch mounted on the bars.

-One folding mirror

Oh ya, a trail tech cpu to see how fast I am going.

Plate is on top of the fender. No grief....yet

Yes they inspect !!! You have to have all the goodies that Clark4131 states above. You have to have the form signed off by someone who has a shop that can do the work or that at least will sign it for you and put down their license # or dealer #. something like that. I have the form in my garage and called the dealership to see how it all works because i was/am going to buy a 07 sometime.

I was able to get mine through Nevada DMV with little trouble. Purchased Baja Designs kit, added full coverage insurance, went to local dealership (Honda/Kawaski) and had the bike inspected. They completed the paperwork and I was on my way. The hard part was convincing the guy behind the counter at DMV to understand how I was able to convert a "not street legal" unit to street legal. It took him several trips to his supervior to complete the deal. My bike now has "specialy constructed" on the title. My home owners assoc. may not love me anymore. In consideration of my neighbors, I am purchasing a quiet exhaust to replace the FMF full system.

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