2002 wr 426

ok, just purchased an fmf original Q and powerbomb header (cheap)and needed jetting ideas. I have already checked the sticky and searched. This has helped but just wondered if anyone has the same set up.

all free mods done, no air box lid,stock air filter,stock carb settings and jets(no fuel screw), wr timing, stock needle and clip position

elevation ranges are 500-3500ft in central ca.

any comments on where to start appreciated.... thanks, marc

I have a 02 WR426 with same exh Powerbomb W/ a Q. I have played around a lot with my jetting and found a combo I really like, it is as fallows:

158 MJ/160 MAJ

38 PAJ/Adjustable PAJ @ 1/2 turn our=aprox 65PAJ

ELQ #3 needle

I ride @ 5000-8000' in the summer with temps from 75-95 in the Sierras and ride Clear Creek in winter @2500-5000' with temps from 35-65.

The jetting works well and can adjust for temp and alt by moving needle if need be. Mostly leave it where it is.

My bike always seemed to run rich so this jetting is a little lean by most standards but works perfect on my bike. With your lower elevations you might want to start with a richer needle like a ELN or EMP.

The factory MAJ is a 200 and if you don't reduce it you will want to start your main jet around 162-165 and adjust from there. On you pilot circut, there is a lot of posts on how to adjust the circut, but I would start out with a 40 or 42 and leave the factory 75 pilot air jet.

Come to think about it the factory jetting is 165 MJ and 42 Pilot, you may just need to ride the bike and replace the needle to get the jetting in the ball park.

Oh, and do yourself a favor and get an adjustable pilot screw, like the Zip ty one.


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