Help needed for sore butt on long rides

Stop laughing, This is serious/sensitive subject.

I'm a 43 year old Enduro rider in New Zealand.

I won the Vets class last year, so still have some speed.

Anyone got some ideas on how to still be comfortable after 4-5 hrs riding/racing.

I ride a WR400 (damm hard seat)

Main problem is, I only get to ride 1/2 a dozen events a year, so have lost some fitness. Mainly occurs in slow/tight events where I am sitting down lots.

I'm not going to talk about what happens when the event is wet. (very nasty :-)

I use cycle shorts with chamois lining, but often still end up side saddle at the end of the day.

Youre all welcome to have a laugh at my expense, but I would appreciate some ideas.

Cheers Pete G

WR400, Husky 430CR, PW50 :)

Fill the chamois of the bike shorts with vaseline, good luck mike

Yes we know you Kiwis like haveing a sheep between your legs, but no a lambs wool seat cover wont help....Answer; stick to riding sheep or spend more time riding your bike, conditioning yourself....

better seat foam... ceet, factory fx, guts.

if your tall, get a tall foam, maybe cut a few holes in the bottom side to soften it. I was able to use extra foam in the last 6-8" in the rear(I almost sit on the fender) and have lots of padding. I streched a one ind. cover for an awesome fit and a beutiful bike!

"I ride a WR400 (damm hard seat)"

My WR400 was a torture machine until I changed to factory fx seat foam. A big improved from the 2x4 that yamaha put on it from the factory.

i had the same problem ,until i stop wearing riding shorts and started wearing my girlfriend's silk panties.there so soft and refreshing on my everyone really gets a laugh when you change clothes at end of day.i dont recommend the vaseline with the silk pantys ive found that it causes them to ride there are a lot of desperate riders out there that might try and ride you.

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Well, I know a guy who drilled holes in the seat foam of his KTM 400. He took a large drill bit, about 1/4 or 1/2" and drilled holes in a nice pattern. The holes made for a dead space for the foam to move into. The seat was much softer than the section he didn't drill, and with the cover on the seat you don't even see the holes.


Yea the monkey butt is a real dragg...I also wear the EVS riding shorts/underware and my problem went can purchase them on-line at think thats the web-site



I find that if my Wife give's me a PANTS DOWN SPANKING atleast two times per week with the school yard paddle with the air holes drilled in it, my 43 Year Old butt does just fine.....I think she's starting to enjoy it way too much though, as I found an all leather works catalog on the counter this morning....

Bonzai :)

PeterG, WoW!! Panties and Vaseline!!!!!!!

TTalk Rocks!!!!!!!!!! :)

I ride/race long distances all of the time. I try to stand up as much as I can just like the Euro guys do. Stand up as much as possible. I use roads and straight sections to sit and relax while I sip on my Camelbak. This should take alot of stress off of your butt and more on your legs.

All of the other advise that was givin to you was good too with the chamois. I think the Vaseline would help you if you suffer from Monkey butt!! I guessing that your problem is your muscles down there and not a skin thing.

But(t) what you really should do is get a CEET seat!! My dad has one on his 426 and it feels f-ing great!!!! Like a Coupe de Ville. CEET uses advanced materials. You can get them in any height too. Now that I've been talking to you about it I think I'll go out and get one. You should really consider this peter.

Also, riding more is the real cure without a doubt!!

good luck!! :D

PS. You guys make killer beer down there!!!!!!! :D

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Check out this post of mine from awhile back.

If the link doesn't work, do a search under the topic "poor man's softer seat".

I drilled holes in my stock seat, and having logged around 800 miles on it since then, I can testify that it works great. I still can't believe the difference a few (OK, alot) of holes make! Much softer than stock. Good luck.

I used to get monkey butt pretty bad when I wore bicycle riding shorts with the chamois. I have since switched to EVS motorcycle riding shorts and the problem is gone. The pad in the rear seems to be bigger than bicycle shorts so no more monkey butt. For those complaining about the stock WR seat(extremely comfortable)you should try a YZ seat(rock). Eric

Thanks Guys, (tho the one with the panties sounds dodgy). :)

I'll try drilling the stock foam, Vaseline, then the EVS shorts.

Riding more would be great, but am grateful for the few rides I do get to. Oh to be 20 again when I could ride every weekend.

Thanks again.

Pete G

the free way out of it and the best over all thing is to stand up more. You shouldnt sit down enough to get you but that soar. I race endruos, and im sure you know they average arround 100 miles and i only sit down for mabey at the most 10 miles all day, i even stand on the roads!!!! it might even help out your ridding have fun and good luck

As I always tell the new guys on our BAJA rides "cleanliness is the key to preventing anal abrasion!"

Not Parking your bike behind a Gay Bar in SF will also prevent Anal Abrasion. :)

Damn thats gotta hurt......

Bonzai :D

Ok, this may be too much information, but here goes.

I was in the Marines for 8.5 years and learned a trick to prevent anal abrasion. When you hike (or hump as it is referred to in the Corps) for 20 miles or more with all your gear, abrasion is a bad enemy.

We are not all adults here, so I'll try to be politically correct.

1) Trim all body hair in that region. Not necessary to shave, but get it short. Otherwise it will ball up and twist together (you know what I'm talking about), and make things even worse.

2) Vaseline. Lots of Vaseline. Be liberal with it. It will feel very weird at first, but after just a few minutes of action you'll forget it is even there.

3) Silky running shorts instead of underwear. We are talking about the kind of running shorts that have an inner lining much like a pair of briefs. Can't go without support :-)

I haven't tried the EVS shorts yet, but I will be getting something like that very soon for the extra padded protection around the hips.

Hope this helps.


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