2006 WR450 Graphics

My wife bought me a new graphics kit for my 2006 WR450 for Christmas. I told her to order a kit that would fit a 2005 because I thought I read somewhere that the plastic didn't change from 2005 to 2006 on the WR. Well, I pulled the tank and shrouds today to put the new graphics kit on and it just doesn't line up with my plastic. The graphics kit is a EVO4 made by Factory Effex for the 2003-2005 WR250F/450F. If it was off a little I could stretch the graphic, but this is off big time, just on the shrouds and not the tank. It is off at the lower rear mounting hole especially and seems to be too tall as well.

Did I just get a bad graphics kit or was there a plastic kit change in 2006?

Thanks for your help!!!

If it fits a '03-'04 it will not fit an '05-'06. The plastic is completly different for those years. '05 and '06 shrouds are the same as the steel framed YZ's.

they had a misprint, I have seen lots like this, send it back for 05/06 years.

and there is always eba...........

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