yzf overheating

why would my tzf 246 blow out water from the pipe that is coming from the rocker cover thanks


That sounds kind of wierd.

My YZ sometimes blows water from the hose on the top of the radiator.

But I thought the hose at the top of the engine was the oil breather hose. That is the one I think I rerouted through the breather box.

Did you ride through some water?

condensation maybe?

It is the oil breather hose, and are you sure its not oil? Oil can come out of that breather hose if you overfill the bike.

What color is the liquid? If it is green then you might have a problem. If it is milky then its oil/condensation mix. If it is brown then it is oil. Oil coming out is normal if you over fill it.

thank all the liquid that came out was green and i had to fill up the rad.any ideas the bike has been stood for a while in the garage about 2 yrs this was its first outing the bike cut out i started it sat reving it for about 3 mins while my son started his i was wondering if it just overheated .

thanks dave

Well I hope that works out OK but coolant coming out the oil breather pipe still sounds weird to me.

Green coolant coming from black crankcase breather is not good. Check your oil, it should be completely contaminated if that is the case. Time for a teardown and find the crack

If you suspect coolant leaking into your crankcase, it very definitely IS a situation to get on top of immediately. Glycol based coolants will turn your oil into something that WILL NOT lubricate your engine, not to mention the gummy mess it will leave behind.

Apart from a cracked component, which isn't too likely, coolant can enter at the O-ring seals where water passes between the right case cover and the crankcase, and the crankcase and the cylinder base, as well as the head gasket. There is also a large socket head plug in the top of the head between the cams, but here again, it's a very unlikely source of trouble.

I iwould guess head gasket, if you truly have a problem of this kind.

thanks all

i diddent see it coming out of the breather pipe my son said that he did but we couldent start it after for me to confirm it when i got it home i put water in rad started it up and no water leak any more ideas cheers


What does the engine oil look like?

the engine oil look clean

just dropped the oil and it look ok just dirty.

cheers dave

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