Opec has decided to cut back production to drive the cost back up to $30+ per gallon oops I mean barrel.

Prices will be back on the rise for this summer. The cut back is 105 million barrels.

We use 1.5million per day.

Either way I need to get a commuter car to save money on gas. I'm lready spending 50 to 60 a week on gas commuting in my truck. I'v been waiting for prices to go down. We should have taken over the oil while we were over there, but I guess we can't do that.

Sorry for bitching


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I'm with you on the gas prices. We in the San Francisco bay area pay the highest fuel prices in the nation. What kills me is when I'm driving long distance (we have refineries in the east bay) and I'm many miles from home and I see gas priced significantly less than where I live. The oil companies always say there is no price fixing ...... :) whatever. Now we in california are going through a so called electric power crunch ..... :D whatever. Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone and make a solar powered WR....... :D . That might make the greenies (and unregistered Al Gore from Tenn.) happy for a while!

The only thing that will make me happy is being president, and I will be if they would just recount the votes. After all, I did win, I know I did. Then I could make everything monuments.

Makes me laugh seeing the yanks complain about fuel prices. My local garage has just reduced it's prices - now 'only' 76.9 pence per litre!!


Whats a pence?

Plural of a penny!!!

Originally posted by MXH:

Makes me laugh seeing the yanks complain about fuel prices.

The fact that your government has elected to fleece their common citizens with an unfair, regressive, and overly expensive fuel tax is EXACTLY why we should be wary now and bitch to high heaven lest we find ourselves in your position AGAIN.

That great big bogeyman that the Greens have convinced you exists was only conjured up to create an excuse to disenfranchise you. It appears you have fallen for it (and we may be next).

Just my two pence.

BTW I’m not a yank. I’m from Texas. :)

Yeah but look at the bright side guys ,you ever notice the higher the price of gas gets ,the less knuckleheads you see on the road?

like MXH says, we pay about 75-80p per litre which is £3.40-£3.60 per imperial gallon. probably about £3.20-£3.40 for one of your gallons.

in dollars it's about $5 per american gallon. can you just remind me what you're paying i seem to have forgotten!

BTW, all american's are yanks. no offence coz i know that it stands for a northener.

i can feel that old line tugging, weehheeeyy! i think we got someone to bite.


Mikey... I like it.... whats a litre..?

A litre? (notice correct spelling). That's a unit of liquid measurement which no-one understands, and that has been dumped on us by the European burea-twats. It is now illegal to price fuel by the gallon, which makes it easy for the fuel companies and the government to fleece us. Why we had to change I don't know. Everyone knows what a gallon is, don't they? Apart from when talking to the yanks as they have a different sized gallon! C'est la vie.


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