Fastway Evo. II f3's?

I'm looking to get wider footpegs, and the idea of being able to go lower, has me thinking about the Fastway Evolution II F3's.

For those that have them, how do you like them? Do they grip well? I'm just shy of 6 feet tall, does the lower position seem to give you less of a cramped feel??

I want to get some info before dropping $ 98 or so.


p.s. 2004 Yz450f


They work great, are super wide and in the low position give you more room. I had them on my RMZ and just put them on my 07 YZF.

I've got them in the lowboy position and they are fantastic.


Im 6' and they work well for me in the lowboy position. Theyre super wide. Kinda makes you feel like your standing on 2x4, but in a good way.

i love them and im 6 feet also! The grip is optimal.

I had these on a ktm a year or so back and I didn't really care for them. I had a problem when going into a corner and trying to weight the outside peg my foot would slip off of it. I didn't really like the little adjustable peg deals they had for spikes. Maybe it was my Tech 10's who knows :lol:, but I don't seem to have that problem with the moose pegs I have now.

My 2 cents on the fastway pegs:


Very wide, really makes your foot feel planted.

Seem to be well made.


A little slippery when my boots are muddy (Tech 8's).

The brake side peg's allen screw digs into the kickstarter and brake lever if you lay the bike down. (minor but still a negative)

Low Boy position for me was too low and far back for me. The good news for me is the pegs in the stock position are a little lower than stock.

Since the low boy position didn't work for me I will try a different peg next time around.

JMO, FWIW and all that.

Thanks again for more reviews...

This is the first set of aftermarket pegs...and I'll NEVER switch back. I absolutely love them!

I would have bought them if they fit my bike...they need to make them for us 2000 and 2001 CR guys.

I would have bought them if they fit my bike...they need to make them for us 2000 and 2001 CR guys.

I always thought they were universal fit?

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