how many miles before any of you guys had to rebuild a wr450f.

not my bike, but a guy on supermotojunkie said he did just under 10K miles, and was commuting every day....

realy ,, no shit,, thats cools , I run torco 15/40 4 stroke mx racing oil , change it every third ride .

about 7500 miles, had to replace the crank due to an error by the previous owner...

So I'm guessing with the lack of replys that the wr's are lasting along time.

Dude WRs ar FAMOUS for their longevity when properly maintained. AS opposed to the Red ones especially

1750 miles check valve clearance

2500 miles replace piston, ring and cam-chain

7500 miles replace crankshaft and bearings

this is my way.

I plan on changing the oil every hundred miles, torco 15/40 4 stroke mx blend

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