03 WR 450 Starter troubles

This past week the starter on my 03 WR450 began to free spin when attempting to start the bike. :banghead:I have never had any problems with the starter before. Now all it does is free spin. I have cheched the connections of the cables, the voltage of the battery, I have taken off the idler gear cover plate and removed the idler gear. What I need to know is if the gear behind the clutch basket is freely turning in both directions, is that the problem? What gear is that? What parts need to be replaced? Is it a diffucult repair?:lol:

There is a one-way gear behind the flywheel Yamaha calls it a "starter clutch gear" . I guess it is possible for that to slip but I have never heard of anyone having this problem. I would suspect the idler gear that you removed--they just have a press fit and could slip over time. If the idler gear is slipping replace it with the 04 starter upgrage parts. If the idler gear is slipping that is an easy fix. If it is the starter clutch that isn't too difficult but requires a flywheel puller tool.

Take off the fly wheel cover and see if the 6 bolts holding the starter clutch gear are not broke off. The six bolts go through the fly wheel and if they are broke the heads will be stuck against the magnet. Mine sheared off twice.

I got into the side cover and it looks like the starter clutch gear has failed. Thank you all for the info.

ckulzer, the link was very helpfull, thank you.

That's a huge problem on Yamaha Raptors.

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