Is there something wrong with this?

I've read several threads about rerouting the breather tube to the airbox to prevent stalling in deep water crossings and they all seem to include tees, filters, etc. I just shoved the tube into the there a downside to doing this? :lol: I rode it the other day and nothing seemed awry and the filter and inside of the airbox seemed normal.



I don't see anything wrong with it. Just make sure your tank isn't pinching the hose.

I dont think anything is wrong with it. I basically did the same thing only I cut a whole just a hair smaller than the OD of the breather tube high in my air box, that way when I pull it through it stays and without pinching the tube. Works great for me. I did the fancy mod with the T's and "b.s." on my WR, I dont see any advantage to it. there a downside to doing this?
This normally involves shortening the breather hose, which can encourage the breather to aspirate dust from the air box all the way into the engine more easily than in the stock position, and can result in breather oil getting into the air box.

By using a T and a simple filter at the air box end, both of these things can be mostly avoided.

I did what you did and to alleviate dust from getting sucked in I put some coarse foam over the end of the breather tube. You don't want to put anything too restricting because it will cause an increase in your crankcase pressure.

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