better for open hilly trails?

I dontknow if I should get the yzf or the wrf. My trail riding mainly concists of more open trails and big rocky hills. I have not ridden a wr yet but have ridden the yzf. My main concerne with the wr is the weight, and how it would feel though the trails and lower speeds. IF anyone can give me and help or advice let me know.

WR all the way!!! Trust me the weight difference between the YZF and the WR is not that noticeable when you are trail riding. Motocross is a different story. But since you said you mainly ride trails I will stick to that topic. I used to ride XR 600's and those are PIGS on the trail. It was then that I switched to Yammies. Started out with a YZ250 and found I sort of missed my XR when I rode desert and trails. Mainly becuse of comfort, amount of gas, etc... It kept me wishing there was something in between. Then whattya know..Yamaha comes out with the WR. So I bought an '01 and my prayers were answered!!! It's the wonder bike!! Now between the YZF and WR I would still say I like the WR more because it holds more gas and has the infamous WR tranny we all love! All you need to do when you get one is the simple mods we have all done(grey wire removed, throttle stop trimmed, and YZ timing) and you will have the best of both worlds!!!Of course if you are Mr.$$$$$ you can put the bike on a weight loss program and really lighten it up. But I for one am happy with the way mine runs. It SCREAMS!!Both on and off the track. But this just my opinion, you'll be sure to get more for sure!

Mark :)

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