Noobie questions...

Hey all,

I recently purchased my first dirt bike since the age of 15 (23 years ago!) and had some general questions. I picked up an OMG clean '96 XR600R and wanted to know some of the basics such as what year/model parts will swap onto the XR600R. The bike has a bit of work done to it already (10.5:1 piston, White Bros Racing cam, and a bunch of suspension mods to get it set up for a 225+ pound rider), so my questions are largely about body parts:

You know: will XR250/400/650 front and rear fenders fit on the XR600R? Side panels? Seat covers? Etc, etc....

Anyway, thanks in advance for any input...


I forgot to ask about any of the CFR plastics fitting the XR600R. Or being easily made to fit... Thanks again.

ricjenkins, No real answers here , But welcome to Thumpertalk.....:lol:

I'm sure some 60R riders will get you some answers....

:confused: :confused:

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