No longer a homologated WR450F in the UK for 2007?

Just had an email from a Yamaha Dealer here in the UK stating that Yamaha are no longer providing the homologation 'On Road' kit for the 2007 Yamaha WR450F.

Does this mean no more road going/capable WR450Fs?

Anyone know the story about this?

I spoke to a salesman in Kens in Westgate road before I put a deposit on an off road WR and he told me that there were going to be a only a hundred road legal models brought into the Uk. He also said that you would have to have an ACU licence to buy one.

The road legal models were going to be about £5500. I'm going to make mine road legal and put it through the MSVA test, it works out cheaper.

Take it easy


i paid £5200 otr with reg plate,tax and brake lights

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