01 426 4 speed????

I have an 01 yz 426 completely stock. It had about 15 hrs on it when I purchased it last year. A guy I know purchased it new as his first bike. He Crashed bad on his second day of riding and never rode it again. The bike was layed down and had some minor scratches on the right side cover and radiator shrod.

Is it possible it has a 4 speed and how can I tell? Also, can I just continue to ride it as a 4 speed? I've trail ridden it for over a year and have never had any problems. It will not shift into 5th and never has. The bike acts like a 4 speed. I haven't noticed any metal shavings in the oil when changing it. It does seem a bit slow in the top end department.

I just realized it is supposed to have a 5 speed after checking the manual on line.

There were "works" 4 speeds available for these, but usually not to the public. Some dealers did sell some used team bikes, but not, I would hope, as new machines. Someone else recently had this same problem, but I don't recall that he figured it out entirely.

The bike should shift from neutral with the standard "one down, four up" pattern. If it does not do this on the stand by rocking the rear wheel and shifting with the engine off, you may want to try opening the right side cover up, remove the clutch, and observe the operation of the shift cam. In a 5 speed, what ordinarily prevents the cam from rotating past 1st or 5th is that the grooves in the cam end, so the pins on the shift forks stop it from turning farther. There are other possibilities that come to mind, but they seem odd and unlikely.

If it shifts to a "neutral" where 5th should be, then something has broken. Otherwise, I think you'll still end up having the crankcases open to figure this out.

I have serious doubts that your bike is supposed to have 4 speeds. The only 426s I ever heard of that had less than 5 where Tim Ferry's. And they had 3 not 4.

If you really are only hitting 4 gears and not just misunderstanding what is going on, something is broken. Open it up and figure it out before you do more damage to the tranny. Trust me, not doing this can cost you alot of dough. Don't ask me how I know :lol:

What a bummer... I've tried to get this thing in 5th every way possible on and off the stand. All I get is 1 down 3 up!!!

Funny this probably never had 5th gear since it came from the show room and probably could have been fixed under warranty since it's been in storage since it was 15 hours old. I guess I'm lucky it hasen't caused any other problems. I'll have it torn down and see whats going on. It's still a sweet bike!! I'm going to have the 450 cam mod done too.

Thank you very much!!! V

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