Im looking into converting from my 450r to xr 650. Any info that you feel might be useful in my quest of finding one would be greatly appriciated. i do nothing but long rides and the 450r is about done. i have been through the engine once already and not looking forward to doing that again.


They have been the same since their debut in '00 other than the clutch bushing update & the countershaft seal which are readily added to the older models for very little money. Can't remember what year the upgrades were done from the factory. Do a search on this forum & you'll readily find all you need to know. Other than that find one with low hours. You're double lucky if you find one plated for dual sport use as I did.

I use mine for 90 to 150 mile rides through the desert. Change the oil every 3 to 4 hundred miles, clean my oil filter, check the valves once and a while and I am good to go. My XR is almost like riding for free compared to some other bikes. Its by far the most stable bike I own, which is important to me because its really rocky here. Love my XRS.

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