WR450 on the road?

I live about 25 miles from the nearest trails and I'm wondering if a WR450 work well on the pavement to ride to the trails. Some highway could be involved but mostly backroads.

If I ride a WR450 in this way will I be needing to change oil every ride? Adjust valves frequently?

(I'm in Colorado so getting a license plate is not a large problem)

ive got similar questions, anyone no the oil capacity? how many miles/hours before oil change?

This is my type of riding in the summer. A little bit of road and lots of trail. Oil capacity is 1.2 quarts and I change oil about every other ride, maybe 100 - 150 miles, sometimes more, no problems. This bike is fun on the street if you keep to the backroads.:lol:

Those knobbies need dirt to make ya really smile.....


i ride similar and change oil every 1000km no probs, thats what Yamaha tell you to do in the book so its good enough for me

My 06 wr450 has close to 3000km from road and trail use and is still going strong, hasn't needed to be shimmed yet just drop the oil every 300km run premium fuel and keep the air filter clean.

i try to chang oil every 200 kms we have some verry wet spots after big puddle rids i find water in the bottom end, i chang it every ride for a bit

i havent had problums yet but i have herd if you push them to hard on the pavment 5th gear is a problum

i have herd if you push them to hard on the pavment 5th gear is a problum
I've heard the same thing. Just don't rev the crap out of it or really bang the gears on the street and you should be OK.

Your a$$ is going to be sore doing 20+ on the street....

Highway - should be avoided at all costs, the bike will REV out, knobbies suck at those high speeds and the bike is light so it will get tossed around by the wind and trucks.

It's a back road bike at best with knobbies and stock gearing.

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