XR600 valve question

I messed up, and did not properly lock down the locking nut on a tappet doing a quick valve adjust.

In the next ride, top end was not as it usually was, so I pulled off the valve cover, and found my problem. Tappet is toast, so I will be getting a new one, but I wondered about damage that I may have caused?

Also, I noticed on the cam followers that there are a couple of dished out areas where it comes in contact with the cam.

(This bike is a 1991 XR600R, but new to me in the last couple of weeks.)

I was told that somebody was not dilligent with the oil changes, and the hardening flaked off the original cam, and a new cam (along with new valves) was installed in mid '06. (I do have the receipt showing parts ordered, all of it seems like a tight story)

As I was looking at the valve cover, and all of the cam followers (and lifters?), I noticed that the surface that mates up with the cam is dished out a bit.

Should those things be smooth and polished? Mine looks nice and shiny, but these "waves" along the cam followers has me curious.



I would contact Travis37 on this board and ask him what he would recommend. He does allot of head work (mostly KTMs) and is very knowledgeable. He has helped me out several times and is also a very nice guy to talk to. Let us know what he recommends, I would be interested to hear what he would do.

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