Making a YZ426F Faster

What is the stock gearing?

Ok after reading other's thoughts I need to restate my original statement. I am looking for more speed, not power. I ride with friends who have new crf450x's and I don't have the money for one, so I want to make my bike faster.

OK...we will have to get you fixed up right then...we can't have any 450X's getting past our boy on the YZ! :lol: The only way I can see a 450X outrunning a YZ426 would be because of a wide ratio tranny with a tall 5th gear...what gearing (sprocket-wise) do you have now?

What is the stock gearing?

I'm pretty sure stock is 14/49

Yeah, go with like a 15/46 sprocket setup. Youll almost lose the ability to wheelie...
In 5th, maybe.
In 5th, maybe.

Haha, maybe I just dont give it enough gas then...

I believe it is 14/49 on the 2000 426.

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