94 Xr650l part out or sell in 1 peice?

Well I have a 1994 xr 650l that i have supermotarded and now I want to sell it. The only problem is that I have so much time in money in it that if I sell it as it sits I would loose my a**. So my question is have any of you guys had very much luck parting out these bikes and is there a very big market for all the goodies that I have added? Thanks

There is a great place for parting out your bike.


If you saved the original parts your better off selling the chi chi stuff on ebay and putting the bike back to near stock. Individual parts tend to go for more off the bike than with it. My2c PS How much for the wheels?

Yeah money is money but it's a damned shame to see a perfectly good bike ripped apart.

True Dat! And of course you will never get anywere close to all your $ out. Find a buddy who needs a bike.

I was thinking 1000 dollars for the wheels. That is a factory hub powder coated red, bucanan spokes and black rim, pilot power tires with 75% tread. If some one wanted the rotors ( galfer wave rotors ) with the rims I was thinking 1200. Is that a good price?

You can buy new billet hubs and excell rims in your choice of colors F & R for a $1000! Best bet is to return bike to stock, sell bike, then sell all the tard parts on ebay. Sell the brakes separately from rims, same with sprocket. you will make more money, by maximizing the amount of parts. Someone wants brakes but not wheels and vice versa. rims with stock hubs about $300-350 each tops. Yep, its a shame to part out a bike but most likely the best way to get the max return on your investment.

Don't forget to include the major PITA factor of parting a bike out! Dealing with the buyers, boxing up, and especially shipping out the parts will take REAL time and a lot of hassle. Going to UPS a couple of times a week is no fun. Neither is having a disassembled motorcycle sitting around taking up space. Heck, just getting decent boxes to ship in will get old. It will take a year to sell off all the parts, if you are lucky. PITA!

Actually I work at a motorcycle dealership and I can give the parts to my shipping and receiving lady and she does the rest and just lets me know what I owe her for shipping so its not that big a deal. Also I actually enjoy dealing with people that have the same interest that I do.

DO NOT PART IT OUT. This comes from someone that does all I can to keep my bikes running. It is hard to find a good pig these days and taking one apart just seems wrong. Take off the extras and ebay them away and sell the bike whole.

If your going to sell the bike or parts.

Put it on the classifieds here on Thumpertalk...:confused:


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