I found the CR High bend almost exactly the same as the 01 WR bars.

Good luck

Thanks for the info Steffe. I see you run Jimmy Buttons, are they higher than stock?


They are higher and wider. I like the height but, didn't like the width and cut mine down (.625" per side).

You can go to Renthals site and they list the dimensions of the bars.

Bill :)

Ok, I think I narrowed my search for new handlebars down to the Renthal Twinwalls. Now my question is does anyone know if they make one that is similar to the stock WR bend? If not does anyone know of an aftermarket bar that is the same as the WR bend?

Mark :)

I use Renthals normal bars in McGrath bend, as you will see on Renthals site they are very close to stock WR handlebars.


I switched to the Jimmy Button bend from the Magrath. Much more comfortable for me. 00 WR400F. I'm 6'0" 200lbs. Ok 210. :)

Now I'm confused, I tried a guy's bike with pro-tapers Henry/Mcgrath bend. They felt much better than stock. The stock bars were giving me terrible arm pump (I almost cried! :D ) Had to move stock bars way forward to get some relief. And now you say Henry/Mcrath almost like stock! I hope not because I have Applied T-clamp and Henry Pro-Tapers on the way..(I was kidding about crying :) )


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