GYTR kit question?

The kit has three pieces for the AIS control valve, i have removed the control valve and hoses, and i cant seem to find where the three new pieces go. Theres rubber sleeve and metal cap and clamp, where do these go? the directions arent very clear- any other tips on the rest of the gytr kit for the rest of the steps


There should be a large rubber cap for the air box nipple and a small rubber cap for the nipple on right rear of the head. Basicly cap everything you disconnected a hose from. If you have an 06 or earlier the metal gasket, cap and clamp go on the exhaust nipple. If you have an 07 the metal pieces wont work and you will have to wait for the 07 kit or make your own plate for the exhaust hole.

Well mine is an 07, the guy at the shop said the 06 would work, however like you said there is nothing to cover up the metal tube up with. do you have any suggestions on what i should cover it with, or does anyone know when the 07 kit will be out?

You can either wait for the 07 kit or do what I did here.

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