Same seat

do the XR 600 and the xr 650l share the same seat. I am looking for a seat cover and am finding none on ebay for the L but a bunch for the 600

Yes, the covers are exactly the same.

Thanks Jeff, I see alot of your posts on ADV rider And would like to ride some of your KY dual sport trails this summer if you offer up any rides. I plan on doing the Tenn section of the TAT in April, unfortunatly looks like I might be doing it solo. I did a ride with ALPIV in October this year and told him I would like to ride KY with you sometime. When I first got into riding about 12 years ago we road the Daniel Boone NF about twice a month but that was when there were 100's of miles of trails too bad that has been cut into a 1/3 or less of what it used to be.

Sure I'll take you on the DB route. I may join you for the TN TAT april ride if you want the company. I've done Jellico to Sparta but that is it.

My free weekends will depend on how many races I have to go to for work.

Sounds good we'll see what happens.

Xrs only also makes a seat cover and matching graphics for the L , graphics fit the ims 4 gal. tank.

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