Water leak in right sidecase cover 2006YZ450

Hey I just bought a brand new YZ450 2006 Aniversary model it has 2 days of practice and 4 motos on it and there is a small leak of radiator fluid comming out of the right side case cover where there is a hole, a weep hole I think. The question is: in the owners manual it doesn't even show this hole so what is it and how do I fix it?

sounds like it is leaking from the weap hole as you said. There are two seals on the water punp impeller one to keep the oil out of your water and the other to keep your water out of your oil. When the seal fails it allows water or oil to seap out before it crosses over. there is a valley in between the two.I just changed those seals on my '02 426. Easy to do in my garage with basic tools. When I changed mine I noticed the water side had been put in backwards. Watch that when you put em back in. I bought my bike used so I am not sure if the dealer did that or some other smuck! Hope that helps!:lol:

Take it back to the dealer. Yamaha's come with a warranty.

Can this be done without taking off the side cover and just through the waterpump cover?

sounds like the the water pump shaft seal is bad . it should be the one facing the impeller . the dealer oughta help u out on it though

nope , gotta pull the cover

I think I will take it back to the dealer I'll call first to see if its covered under warranty. Iv'e had the thing since Oct. 31. Broke it in raced it practiced and raced it again then got hurt with a couple of broken ribs due to strong winds.

there is 2 seals and and they face in opposite directions . there is a way to change the seals without pulling the side cover ,with a small drill and a screw but i wouldnt advise it

there is 2 seals and and they face in opposite directions . there is a way to change the seals without pulling the side cover ,with a small drill and a screw but i wouldn't advise it
Neither would I. You'll probably break the impeller shaft by unscrewing the impeller without holding the inboard end properly.

I changed mine out seals on my RMZ when it only had 12 hrs on it, the dealer would not warranty it. He said it was normal to drip. Then it blew. But $ 7.00 seals and in 1 hr.I did it. With the shop manual go for it, not much to it. Only down fall is draining the rad. Moral of the story i will never purchase a Suzuki again.

They really are not that hard to replace. I went by the manual and had the old seals out and new ones in in about 3 hrs. That included a trip to the parts store for the seals and gaskets. I would not try and replace just the water seal without taking off the cover. You will see just how small the impeller shaft is where it engages. Read your manual and get some lithium grease for the seals, you should be fine.

I still have a leak in the weep hole. I changed the seals just like the book said. 1 ride later a leak. Called the service department and they said we always change the impeller shaft as well as the seals so I got one of those and new seals again and decided to check out the bearing which looks bad. So the new question is how much clearance should there be between the counter balance shaft and the impeller shaft that goes into the counter balance shaft? Because it seems excessive. Also Yamaha told me it is out of warranty after 30 days. I see in the manual that if the counter shaft is bad the cases have to be split to repair it. So I definitely don't want to do that.

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