Shifting problems 1st to 2nd

I just purchased a 2003 yz450f from my brother in law and shifting into 2nd gear from 1st gear is almost impossible. It just won't go. All the others gears go real easy and downshifting is very smooth but I just about can't get it into 2nd gear from 1st or neutral. Anyone experience this or have any ideas what could cause this...


Sounds like a clutch issue to me.

If I remember correctly, there is sometimes an issue with being harder to shift to second with the shift lever at stock (factory) setting. I think people were recommending to loosen the shift lever bolt, and rotate the shift lever tip DOWN a couple of teeth. THis made engagement, much easier. Try this first before resorting to any probing/diassembly. Also, on my 04' when the oil is beginning to get dirty, I start expieriencing difficult shifting. Different oils can help shifting. I use Yamalube4r.

hope this helps....try moving the lever tip down a couple notches first.

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