Stock Bike weights?

I know there is some place to get all the info. I am just wondering where & is there a place that shows all makes & models. I am just curious on the weight of my 426. I am considering upgrading to a 450 but would like a breakdown of weight per year. I cannot go buy brand new but would like to get the best bang for my buck. I would like to know how much weight is added with the electric start (WR's). Thanks

I don't know of an all inclusive list of specs but from memory I'll say the 426's are right about 232lbs and the 450's are around 219lbs. An electric start is going to add roughly 12-14lbs between the battery and the starter motor..not including any lights that might be wired up.

What not go to the source?

231 ---> 220 pounds, but it is not just the weight, you will notice a quantum improvement in the suspension.

in the real world (with gravity and all) yamahas weigh at least 10-12 more lbs than what they state as a dry weight. my 05 yz 450 stock(before add ons) weighed 233 and my 04 WR was 262 stock before it went on a diet. i managed to get it around 242 (starter removal etc etc) they just tested a 07 yz 450 in dirt rider i beleive it was 232 wet w/out gas. and your right yz426,the starter,batt and all the crap associated with it was 13lbs.

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