Trading the Raptor for a WR possibly Monday

Well looks like the Raptor may be gone Monday for a WR426 if the deal goes right. Any suggestions for goodies to add right away. I was thinking about the Dubach Racing hot start lever.

A little cold around here to ride right now but it'll look good sitting in the garage. :)

Also, getting a TT-R125L for my son.


If I was you I would try to get rid of the quad before Monday! Quads have a bad habbit of making the rider to donuts around the truck and take up to much room on the trail.

As far as some bolt on stuff to add right away I would get some Acerbis Rally Guards, skidplate and a sharkfin. I would get stuff that protects the bike before you get stuff that makes it "trick." Then maybe a YZ desert tank and an SDG YZ seat. Then a steering dampner, a billet throttle tube, different handlebars and while you are at it get a new exhaust. After all that stuff your bank account is empty and your bike is really awesome! Goodluck, Eric

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