range on a stock XR650R gas tank

any info would help

any info would help[/quote

It seems 30-35 mpg is the norm for most riders...crusing around town, my bike seems to do much better...:lol:

Depends on mileage... I get about 35 - 38 depending on how much a I gas it around, so about 75 miles per tank. This is of course riding on the street with slicks, not hills or dirt with mud tires so it could be WAY less. Hope that helps. Check other threads for this topic.

70-80 mile range sounds about right.

I have gotten really close to 60 miles to reserve on three different bikes, which is about 30mpg, haulin butt in the dirt. A little better than that on the street.

uncorked in the dirt=30 mpg

I also have an uncorked and I get 30-35 mpg depending on where I'm riding.

The most I have gotten out of mine is 60miles and that is riding in baja in different riding conditions, If I know my ride is goin to be longer than that before their's a gas stop I use my IMS 3.2g tank

just a totally different data point - uncorked, Edelbrock'ed, 15-45 gears, street tires with 25psi, easy highway riding under 65mph, 50mpg every time.

same bike in the woods, shorter gears, D606s 15psi, 30mpg

I found it easier to get the stock tank completely full by removing the white plastic insert in the tank. This help me get consistent numbers with a "full tank". Also, the tank can be filled up by "quick fill" systems with the white insert removed. Just another tip to carry the most you can with the stock tank everytime...:lol:

In the 4 years that I had my uncorked 650R, I would consistantly go between 68-72 miles before hitting reserve. This is with a mixture of on/off road riding.

Pretty sure I hit reserve after about 25 miles in the dunes once. :lol:

I normally get 30-35mpg off-road and 40-45mpg on-road.

70 to 80 miles,thrashing it.

I get about 60 before reserve in the dirt if I'm lucky. Have got as low as 45. Just installed a Clarke 4.3 natural color. Hitting reserve in the middle of the boonies ain't no fun. :lol:

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