Help WR Unknown

Hope some one out there can help me....

I recently bought what I thought was a 2000 WR400 but having checked the frame code on the web it seems is a WR250X from 1998, I don't have the frame code to hand at the moment but will add it later. It definatly has a 4 stroke engine in it. But as I'm no longer sure what the bike is I was wondering if there was an easy way of finging out what capacity and year it is without taking the lid off!!


No such thing as a '98 WR250X...SC

post engine and frame #s. and some detailed pictures!

Look at the front of the jug, it shows the number of cc's.

Grab a set of scales and weigh it

Thanks all!!

Found the casting on the front and it's a 400!! I had been expecting to find it on the side!! Guess I have learned the first lesson of forums!! Peep befor you post!!!

The frame code is '4JW' from what I can make out throught the paint. I had thought even the early WR400F's were '5BF'? Haven't looked at the engine number yet as only found out where to look for it this morning!!

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