Just wondering if anyone knows if hotcams have fixed their problem with their wr450 cams that wont allow the bike to start with the e-start because of the wrong sized decomp pin?

Im planning on getting a hotcams intake and exhaust cam for the extra power but i still want to be able to use my e-start, also is there any special part number that i need so i get the right ones and would i need to change jetting etc after the upgrade?

Thanks everyone:thumbsup:

get a 2003 or newer yz450f ex cam

Simon, i wanted to get the hotcams intake and exhaust cam because together they give more power than just a YZ exhaust cam.

Asgeir, I read all of that post and thats why im now asking this question because i dont want to get these cams then have e-start issues, Josh did say he fixed his problem but didnt mention if he has e-start issues with his new cam(unless i missed that in the thread), i might ask the question in Joshes thread.

Hotcams (the member) are you able to shed some light on the topic?


Even with the yz exhaust cam they can be tricky to start with the magic button, Havn't heard of any updates with hotcams............. sorry

Even with the yz exhaust cam they can be tricky to start with the magic button, Havn't heard of any updates with hotcams............. sorry

Agree. My neighbors 03 450 will not e-start with the YZ cam but is ridiculously easy to start with the kick-starter. So much so, he stripped everything e-start related off his bike (including the battery).

cool, thanks for the reply, now i need to make a decision, hotcams or estart.

However, with lots of practice and jetting, i can get my e start to work with my yz cam most of the time, I just use the hot start lever whenever it's a restart, and when cold i use choke and twist the throttle twice before cranking and it seems to get me going most of the time on the magic button....

I don't like Hotcams. My friend owns a shop and he has a hell of a time getting the valve clearance right with ever Hotcam he has ever installed. There was a CRF250R that was a nightmare. If I was wanting a cam I'd get the Yamaha one or find another brand. Web Cams makes great cams for quads. I don't know about bikes.

CRF's usually are nightmares, my mate has a crf250r and he needs to adjust his valves after every ride - probably need replacing.

could i get some feedback off people that have hotcams - what they think of them, troubles, how much more power they make etc.

Thanks heaps everyone, this info is very helpful.

All I know for sure about Hotcams is that I had never even seen their logo and the next day they were everywhere. I just see cheap price without a core charge. The guy who builds the 2006 GNC Pro quad champion's bike uses web cams. They don't have a core charge on the 2 for my wife's quad. I don't know about the bike. I don't know the website but Web Cams pulls up a ton for porn webcams when you search for it.:lol:

Too bad you have to pay.

lol, well i might look into them and see if they are available for bikes,

Thanks for the help mate.

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