Good deal on a 03?

I ride a 05 KX-250

I want to try the 4-stroke thing,I have looked at CRFs

But I found a 03 YZF 450 with only 25 hours on it ,Still

has original tires on it

The bike looks almost brand new

He wants $2500

Good deal or should I look elsewhere

I ride +40 B class in mx


Sounds good here - Especially if it only has 25 hrs. I would recommend replacing the stock front Dunlop right away.


I did a search on the 03 and the only thing that sounded bad was

3rd gear has went out on some 03s.

Was this a big problem or just a problem on a few of the bikes?

Tranny problems are few on all the YZF's. Its hard to tell on these forums if the tranny problems are from rider abuse or an actual defect. I would ride it make sure it shifts smoothly.

Sounds like a good price.

if the bike does have original tires and looks new, and only 25 hours id buy it right away for that price. i got my 04 a year ago for 3400 same hours and stock tires and as soon as i got it i had the valves checked,gresed the bike up ,changed the oiland coolant , new filter <k$n> and put new tires<maxis> and gold chain x ring chain and skid plate and a decompression plug since then my bike has been bullet proof and ran perfectly

I did a search on the 03 and the only thing that sounded bad was

3rd gear has went out on some 03s.

Was this a big problem or just a problem on a few of the bikes?

I am a 03 owner from now with over 175-200hrs

the reality:

stock clutch will make racket and need the 02 kit or hinson/GYTR kit to fix

Stock handlebars, pegs and chain are all junk

It will need a flywheel weight to make it more tractable - way too much wheelspin

no tranny problems yet...but I know many that need new cogs/gears/shiftforks

the 03 - 05 does not turn very well or as easily as a 06/07 - it will need applied racing offset clamps or stormracing link to turn decent

most owners went to a 47 tooth rear sprocket to utilize rpms to get most out of each gear - 4speed

Stock suspension is mediocre at best and will need revalve and different springs to help/Enzo subtanks or other

Some frames have reported to crack at the center tube/headstay area

the good news:

The 03 is the dragster of all 450s...holeshots are no problem

a very dependable running bike. Topends and valves are bulletproof. :lol:

After owning this and a advice is save your money for a 06/07.....I can buy 4 to 5 03's with no hrs for what I have spent to make my 03 a great bike...

The 04/05 have better suspension and no clutch issues...but they still don't turn that great....

Ga426owner pretty much summed it up......

I think he's a little too harsh, but I agree with the bulk of what he's written.

I have a 2004 model, and I love it. The bike does have a Stormlink, which definately does improve the turning capability, but I still wish I could do more to improve it's turning. Sag setting's are very important on the 03-05 model's to get the most out of trying to turn. In loamy dirt the bike does carve rather well, but I find on flat hardpacked turns, you gotta work a little to get her to really turn hard. Tire choices are definately important too. The stock front tire Sucks, and should be used for building Bonfires with only. I now run a Pirelli Scorpion Pro up front, and a Pirelli MT-16 on the rear...definately helps.

For $ 2500, I'd go for it, but if you got the cash to get a used 06' or 07', I'd lean toward the 06' and 07'. You simply can't get an 03-05 model to turn/handle like an 06' or 07'

by the way Ga426owner....How much did you spend on your 03' to improve it???

I would buy it but be ready to try and mellow out the power cause it will rip your arms out of there joints. My brother had one and I could not believe the power that thing had compared to a 426. I would put flywheel weights on it for sure.

by the way Ga426owner....How much did you spend on your 03' to improve it???

ouch :confused:

....with everything I have done to it........I can buy 2 07s.........and a 2500 dollar 03 for the pitbike.........:lol:

Holy Snikeees!!

Oh well, I'm assuming it was all done before the 06' came out......

If I total up the things I've done (levers, bars, fuel screws, tires, yada, yada), I'm looking at a good chunk of change also.

Yep before the 06 came out...there was just no real reason to buy a 04 or 05....I still would have had to do the same or similar things to make it better....the 06/07 are that much better.....So far all I have had to do is:


new bars, chain /sprockets, pegs and Michelin tires

add Fuel screw, NFLR needle

WB pipe

I am waiting for carb from ZipTy and will report on Carb modification....due to mainly a bad bunch of race gas.....

and this is probably all that I will have to do to my 06:thumbsup:

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