Nelson Hills this morning

Anybody up for a ride this morning, I am thinking about N3elson Hills. Me 53, probably a C rider, not too fast, but steady. 01 YZF426F.

I will check back in a few hrs to see if there are any posts.


I read your note to late to ride today. I could go any day of the week next week or you could go with me and a small group of riders next Sunday morning. Go to to read about this ride or call me at 702-260-1380.:lol:

I was remiss in posting so late, but what a ride, the weather was perfect, no wind about 60 degrees, since I was by myself, I ended up on top of a ridge, probably 1 1/2 miles nw of the radar dome. I stopped took off my gear and sat in the sun warming my upper half. The scenery was fantastic, quite and great for being introspective.

Better yet no damage to the bike or the rider, I did good.

hi. I'm ready to ride anywhere in the Vegas area. Weekends are best for me. RJ 524-6008

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