I want to buy anther 06 yz450f know anyone who has one for sale?

Anyone have a friend or know of anydealers with any leftovers on the east coast. I have called a ton and cant seem to find a leftover. A good clean used bike would be fine also. Thanks, Matt

I have a used one bought in July. If has 17 hrs. with documented oil and filter changes. I am very anal about maintenance. Has some extras and add- ons. I live in Harrisonburg. Va.

Let me know it interested!



I have a brand new '06 just purchased in Dec...been ridden just once (has about an 1/2 hour of riding on it). Wife bought me a CRF250R for my birthday, and now I have too many bikes...let me know if you're interested.

I have an '06 50th anniversary black and yellow Has under 50 hrs.

What is cost?

check out mine here in the mx classifieds under dano945

I have an 06 you can see in my garage that Ill sell for 5,000 with 30 hours on it.

If anyone is interested, I have a 06 50th anniversary, limited addition model. The bike was rolled off the showroom floor and put in storage. I was saving it for this season. I raced a 250F in 06 and was planning on racing a 450 in 07. The bike never gas put in it. It is showroom new.

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