YZ 400 value

I am looking into a newer bike and i want to sell my yz400. I need to know what you guys think its worth so i can price it competivly not very high or dirt cheap.

2000 Wr 400 Converted to YZ 400

YZ style cam timing

YZ style ignition timing and swith to go back to wr

Yz rear and front fenders

Yz front number plate

Pro taper bars

boysen quick shot

michelin tires with 90% tread

White brothers E2 pipe

Clarke 3.2 slim tank

SDG seat thin also

Devol radiator guards

All stock parts even stock wr gas tank along with a stock yz and wr pipe.

I know it is hard to judge a bike on what i say and i can post pics later, But it looks and works very very well. The plastics are still very shiny and blue with very minimal surface scratches from small brush. The bike was recently stripped down to the frame with every thing being greased and cleaned. 6 months ago the shocks where rebuilt from procircuit. Over all the bike works like the day i bought it.

Price i was looking at 2700$

I have no idea if this is to high but it sounded about right.

I'd say that you'd be lucky to get $1500 for it.

And it would have to be pretty clean to go 1500$,it'll be a tuff sell in my book.

Keep it

"Price i was looking at 2700$"

I paid $2K for a '02 YZ 426-6 months ago & we pay more for everything from milk to realestate out here...good luck.

paid 1800 for my 1999 yz400f about 3 months ago, I thought that was in the money as for what I had seen.


I payed $2300 for my 2000 yz426f and that was a good price for where I live. But AZ might be different.

I see Yz400's go for as low as $1400. I saw recently one for sale on some web site that had a ton of aftermarket work done to it including plastics, new exhaust, front an rear suspension, complete top and lower end rebuild with receipts. the bike was very clean and came with all of the stock parts as well and the asking price was $1550 obo. No way I could see anyone paying even $2000 for a YZ400.

YZ400 is a good bike....for what your gonna get for it....if it was me Id just save my coin for a new bike..keep the YZ400. Once you get your new bike just keep the 400 for an extra for you buddy to ride etc....its just not worth selling it for what you will get for it at this point in time. Keep in mind the bike is approaching 10 years old now.

Think about this, it would cost you a lot more money to rebuild it than you will ever get for it. A bad aspect of older four strokes. You basically have two options; Keep it and ride the wheels of it until the bike is trash or liquidate it at a very reasonable price.

wow, thats really crapy to here so im thinking about keeping it but if i continue to maintain i bet it will last another 10 years.

wow, thats really crapy to here so im thinking about keeping it but if i continue to maintain i bet it will last another 10 years.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the old thumpers are not as in demand am much as they used to be.

I bet that baby will last at least ten more years! Good luck!

yup, i just sold my 98 yz400f for $1650, and wish I hadn't. however, there are a lot of suckers on ebay that might pay close to $2000 for yours...

wow, thats really crapy to here so im thinking about keeping it but if i continue to maintain i bet it will last another 10 years.

If you've got the room keep it! i've got a '83 xr200r that's worth more today than it was 15 years ago. still starts 1st kick...long live 4T singles:applause:

i just bought a 99 yz 400f and paid 1200 dollars for it and it runs alsome it has an aftermarket header and other aftermarket parts i think i got a good deal

The price here is TX is down so low and they are now moving until they get below 1800. The two stroke YZ250's are holding their own at over 2000 for 1999 and newer.

I sold my 99 YZ400 for 1800 not to long ago and had just a few more mods than you. It hurt, but what are you going to do. The new owner got one hell of a good bike.

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