5th gear slipping/ jumping

First of all,

Im new to Thumpertalk, so it's a big Hi 2 everybody!:lol::confused:

I have a 2000 yz426f:ride: , and ive recently coverted it into a supermoto:crazy: .Its just had a rebuild, after running it in properly, it decided 2 open her up. Upon changing into fith gear, she seems to slip/ jump and doesnt pull cleanly:mad: . Ive took it to a yamaha dealer, where they are investigating the problem.

They have since told me it doesnt seem 2 be the clutch, as the had a look at it, and seems fine, they also said it could be the gearbox job. What could be the problem


Worn locking lugs on the 5th and third pinions, along with a shift fork damaged as a result, are the usual cause of this issue.

Yep, thats going to be costly too if you let the dealer do the work. I had the same thing happen on my 426... 1 too many bad shifts I guess.

I had that exact same problem with my 03' YZ250F and I was able to fix it myself. It was the locking dogs on the gears and it would cost a little more than 100 dollars for the gears, shift fork and gaskets and other items for reassembly if you buy from TT OEM. I would reccomend doing it yourself if you have at least some experience with motors. Unless you have a lot of extra cash to dish out to your local Yamaha service shop.

Thanks guys,

Best i get the parts list out then:mad:

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