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I just ordered a new Ricky Stator for my 87-R.:lol: Does anybody have any helpful hints on the instalation:confused: . I just do not want any problems. I have been riding my wifes XR 250 for the last year and I miss my PIG.


Disconnect the wiring, remove the stator cover, unscrew the old stator, replace with the new one in the same orientation, replace cover*, and reconnect wiring.

*with new gasket.

Its pretty much a painless operation.

Thanks, I have never had it open. It looked pretty simple from the manual, but sometimes there are time saving hints.

I also have an 84 XR250R - rode 30 miles on her this weekend

Do yourself a favor, and get a new gasket right away. It's been rare, in my experience, that the Honda gasket will come off, without issues. Who needs a leak, anyway? Good's a pretty easy install.

As others have said, it's pretty easy. If you have questions try giving them a call. They have the reputation of being very helpful with installation questions.

To prevent making an oil mess when you remove the left cover, lay the bike on its right side with the right grip on a bike stand. The oil drains into the clutch side of the motor leaving the left side relatively dry. Even if you drain the oil before popping the case cover this is a good idea because there is still leftover oil in there.

Also, you can use a wrench to rotate the clutch arm (engaging the clutch) so tension is taken off the cable end which allows you to easily remove the end from the arm first. This makes it easier to remove the cable from its case mount.

there is oil in there so tilt it on its side and have gasket ready

Thank you guys I will stop by Honda on the way home from work tonight. I am glad you told me about the oil because in the referance pictures in the manual it is all dry and I would not have been ready. :lol: Just like I tell my kids there really is no dumb questions, except the ones you don't ask.

Thanks again. Hopefully I will be Piggy back riding this weekend.

IT'S ALIVE:applause:

I got the stator put in with 2 minor problems. 1) now instructions came with it. I called and they directed me to their web site and I gottem. 2) when going from a stock stator to a high power you need to go to the local hardware store for a one new bolt. The original uses 2 long and 1 short, and the new one uses 3 long.

:confused: Thanks for all the help to everyone and I would have made a mess with out the hint of tipping the bike on the right side. :lol:

Happy riding to all.

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