Will stock 04 yzf450 quad stock pipe fit a 04 yz450f dirtbike?

stupid question probably, but just wanted to know if anyone knows if they fit? seems like all the stock used pipes i have found to replace my beat up stock one for my dirtbike are all for Quad yzf450. just wondering if anyone has put one on their bike or not. the part numbers are different and the quad pipe seems to have more a u bend.


I understand that they do interchange. The quad pipe is stainless, while the bike pipe is Ti, and may be a little shorter.

Not sure if this helps or not but. I bought a eline carbon fibre pipe protector off Ebay that was for a 450 quad thinking that it would fit my 03 YZ450 dirtbike. It does not fit, the bend is different. I don't think the pipes are the same. Sorry.

the head pipes are exactly the same, only difference is the guard. You will need the guard to go along with the quad pipe. I had a quad head pipe on my bike when I bought it so I know for sure that is works.

you might have to change out the brackets...why dont you just pick up a slip-on?

What brackets? There are no removable brackets on the bike for the exhaust, other than the entire subframe. Furthermore, none of them support the header. And, only a small number of aftermarket systems have removable brackets on the muffler.

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