XR650R Fork/disk cover --- XR400

You thread the front axle with a 8mm 1.25 tap. Taps real easy. I just tap it while it is in the bike. Drill a hole in the disk cover right below the hole already there. The hole already there might work for some. Use a bolt that is for the right side seat. The one that holds on the side cover and bolts the seat down. I use a aluminum spacer that is 10mm thick, 10mm hole and 25mm outside diameter. That goes between the disk cover and the axle. Put the disk cover on and slide it so the fork fits in the hole in the bottom. line up the hole with the axle bolt hole that you threaded. Put the spacer behind and line it up. Put the bolt in and tight in up. Put a ty-wrap on the top, where the disk cover is a fork guard. XR400R 96-04 BLACK DISC/FORK COVER By: ACERBIS, $34.95

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