06 450 rear axle issue

I swapped tires on my bike today and after snugging up the rear I noticed that the side weren't exactly equal for the chain adjustment marks. While attempting to take the nut off the right side the axle spun in the left side chain adjuster spacer until it could spin 360 in it. I now can't get the nut off.

I've tried breaking i loose but can't do it.

Please tell me someone else has had this problem.

Any suggestions???

snug the left side flat area of the axle against the adjuster block flat edge - there is no way it can turn/spin......correct? Is the adjuster block turned around?

Am I missing something here? You may need a large vicegrip to hold the left side axle(at the end) while you loosen the nut....

Some have reported that the bearing on the chain side have worked their way loose to spin....this does not sound like what is happening here.....

If the axle is seated in the axle block and the axle block is seated in the swingarm then it can't spin...did you reinstall the individual axle blocks on the correct side of the axle? If not, then I don't see how you could even tighten the axle nut...can you post a picture?

the left bracket has been spun through by the axle. I think the problem may be that the locking washer has somehow gotten under the nut. The just is, when I turn the nut the axle turns.

If the chain side is turning (the whole axle is spining) it will be hard to remove. You ned to get a big set of vise grips to hold the chain side somehow. Use an impact wrench on the nut side. An impact will make it easier to get the nut off. The constant small hits of the impact will be much better than wrestling back and forth with a break over bar.

BTW.....if the nut is cross threaded and thats why it is in such a bind, it may not want to come off with an impact. I have seen this before. If that is the case, use a 4" grinder to carefully cut the nut off of the axle. Remove the axle and the chain adjuster blocks.

Replace with all new parts.


I got it off finally. When I put the nut on earlier I spun it on with my fingers until it seated. Then I torgue it down.

I noticed that the outside built in lock washer was messed up and the last few thread were just chewed up. It appears that it was trying to cross thread. The axle has flat spots on the thread, not really too goofed up but I am wondering if a new nut is going to work on the axle now.

Would I be better off just putting this nut back on and cranking it down?

Thats what I have seen happen before. The outside locking portion of the nut can bugger up those threads. The question is how bad they are messed up. If they are too bad, a new nut will not thread onto the axle correctly and crossthread from the start, or it may do the same as this one when you remove it.

The ideal situation is to run a thread die over the threads to try and clean them up. I doubt you have a thread die that size laying around. most people don't.

You can get a 3 corner file and clean the threads up and go from there. If they aren't too bad, that may be the best and cheapest option for you. Whatever you decide, keep an eye on it to make sure you don't lose the nut while you are riding.

The tip on the small triangle file is a good one. I've recovered a lot of parts that way.

It would be prudent to run the new nut all the way down on the threads and back off again while the axle is off the bike, holding the left end in a vise, to verify that it will work right. Also be certain nothing is missing from the "stack" that would let the nut run so far on as to bottom against the last thread on the axle.

thanks guys!!

I'll try the new nut and triangle file approach. If it doesn't work then I'll replace both.

BTW. To replace both is $49.

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