06 WR450 Stock Shock Questions

Im sending my stock suspension out to Race Tech for a SMoto tune & I got 2 question about the stock rear shock..

1. Is the 06 WR450 spring titanium ?

2. What is the spring rate ?

Im pretty sure its Ti so I hate to replace it with a cheaper steel spring - Im 175 w/o gear so I dont know if it will work for me...:confused:

Thanks Fellas

* Searched but didnt find anything specific...:lol:

you will want a stiffer spring, little bit of weight savings will be worth less than having the right spring rate. fork springs, and shock spring are the two best mods I've done to my 06

Hey guys, I ride a 06 wr450 and was wondering if my suspension is too soft for my size and weight. I am 6'2 and weigh around 200 pounds on with all my gear. Do I need to tighten up my springs to make them more stiff? My front suspension feels a little soft but am not sure since this is my first bike. I have had this bike for about a year and don't really know anything about suspension systems, only know how to ride. Thanks!

5.8 in the rear, .48 in the front w/ 5 oz fork oil. These are Racetech rates I'm using. Set your sag first and see how far you're off. Look in the tech section for how to do it...SC

hey thanks a lot man, that was fast!

Excellent topic. I wondered about my springs as well on my '06 WR450F. Rear seams very soft, looks like another Race Tech set up again for this bike of mine. I only have 306 miles on mine though, I tightend up the rear by 2 full clicks, no difference at all after a day of hard riding.


'06 WR450F free mods for now :ride:

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