Preprinted number backgrounds for XR650R?

I've seached all of the forums, checked the TT store, Factory Effex, Decal Works, Tucker Rocky, Parts Unlimited, and Bob's but haven't found anyone offering preprinted number backgrounds for a XR650R. They have them for L models but not for the R. Next stop is N-Style but my list of possibilities grows pretty short after that. Does anyone know where I can get these or is it necessary to make your own with separate background, numbers, and clear.:lol:

ZLT does 650R

Rocky Mountain MC has a side graphics business called "Attack Graphics." You could get pre-printed backgrounds with your name, number, sponsors, whatever. The prices are pretty good and the quality is good.

I had them make me a set of graphics in 2005... so at that time they had a template for the 650R... I'm assuming they still do.

Thanks TC, got them on order.

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